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Let’s face it: no matter how hard we work toward our goals, life’s going to chip the windshield and dent the doors. And we all make a wrong turn here and there. Over time, stress and normal aging can affect our vigor, stamina, and overall well-being. Our Men’s Health program is designed to get you back on track.

The process is simple: sign up for a free call. If it’s right for you, you’ll get labs, an exam, a consultation, and an InBody 570 body composition scan. If your labs suggest hormone replacement therapy (HRT) would be beneficial, you can enroll in our all-inclusive program that includes medications, occasional labs, in-clinic or at-home shots, and as-needed consultations.

HRT may not be for everyone. The initial consultation and labwork is required to ensure that you’ll benefit from medications.

Initial consultation and lab work

Once you sign up, you’ll visit us at our Orcutt location for an initial exam, a consultation, have your labs drawn, and take an InBody 570 body composition test.


Lab review & recommendation

We’ll review your lab results and give you  options on how to proceed. If indicated, we’ll discuss our hormone replacement programs.

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

Unlike some other programs, we’re with you the whole way and will keep close tabs on your progress. You’ll get regular checkups, labs, and get your shots in-clinic on a regular schedule.

Our Men's Health program options

If HRT wouldn’t help you, you’ll have the option to work with us to improve your hormone levels naturally via our Direct Primary Care or our weight loss programs.

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