Medicare Concierge

Why settle for second-best care?

Upgrade to boutique primary care!

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Have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan? We’ve crafted a direct primary care membership just for you!

Think concierge medicine has to be wildly expensive? Think again!

Let’s face it: our healthcare system is broken. You’ll wait months for an appointment only to have a few minutes to discuss your concerns. And the cost? Who knows, because no one tells you anything up-front.

With us, you’ll get a boutique primary care membership – the way it was meant to be!

Same or next-day appointments

Don't wait for the care you need. As a member, you get access to appointments when you need to be seen!

Don't feel rushed in your visits with us

We'll take the time to address all of your concerns. Have questions? We'll get you answers.

Getting in touch has never been easier

Self-schedule an appointment? Sure. Text us about a health concern? You bet. We make it easy to get in touch!

Upfront pricing on non-covered care

Want a B-12 shot? How about a functional medicine lab? We'll tell you the price before you agree to it.

Forget surprises. We believe in transparency and up-front pricing. Need a minor procedure or an injection, and Medicare won’t cover it? Want a functional medicine test or B-12 injection? If there’s an additional cost, you’ll know the price before agreeing to it.

In short: our direct primary care service is affordable concierge!

You could pay upwards of $10,000 a year for concierge medicine. With us? About a latte a day.

Let’s make healthcare about health again. Join our waiting list or schedule a discovery consult to learn about affordable concierge medicine!

We bill Medicare for covered services. Don’t have Medicare? See our Direct Primary Care option which offers similar benefits.

Pricing and Inclusions

For a low monthly fee, you’ll receive enhanced access and all-inclusive care.

All plans include:

  • Enhanced access and scheduling
  • Unlimited phone calls & messages
  • Same or next-day appointments
  • Extended appointment length
  • Personalized health assessments
  • Wellness & prevention programs
  • BHRT (medications not included)
  • Monthly InBody 570 body composition scans
  • Access to optional care
  • We’ll work with you to get the third-party services you need at reasonable rates
  • Discounts on other products and programs
  • Discounts for paying in advance*
  • And much more!

Interested in our couple plan?
Just add additional family members during checkout and the price will be automatically calculated.

Some key details:

  1. Quoted rates are based on monthly billing. Paying quarterly will save you 5%. Paying annually will save you 10%.
  2. You can add an adult with Medicare for $89 per person, provided they reside in the same household as the primary member.
  3. Schedule a discovery consult to add additional members without Medicare. The DPC and Medicare Concierge membership benefits are similar, but the plans are different due to regulatory requirements.
  4. Our membership plans are not insurance products and do not cover care provided by unaffiliated third-parties.
  5. In order to offer a Medicare Concierge plan we bill Medicare for services. The Medicare Concierge membership fee is to provide you with enhanced access to our providers and our services and does not cover the cost of the services themselves.
  6. Minor procedures are available when medically indicated. Not all procedures available at all times.
  7. In-clinic medications, tests, and procedures not covered by Medicare may incur an additional charge. You’ll know the cost up-front before committing to care.

Ready for a change?

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Not seeing a plan that matches your situation? Hey, we know life can get complicated. No worries! Schedule a discovery consult to discuss membership options or other questions you may have.